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Mermaid 77pcs Party DIY Balloon Arch Kit


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Mermaid Tail Balloon Arch Mermaid Theme Birthday Party Decorations Supplies Under the Sea Little Mermaid Balloons

Easy to use: The tie tool can make it easy for you to knot the balloon, a decorative strip can form a mermaid balloon arch and the glue dots can fix the balloons where you want.
- Everyone can easily complete the mermaid balloon arch garland.
- Our mermaid tail balloon arch is suitable for little mermaid birthday party decorations, baby showers, ocean theme parties, under the sea party supplies, etc.
- These balloons are made of natural latex, which is safe and non-toxic, and can be used safely by children.
- The latex balloons can support air and helium.

Please do not inflate the balloon more than 90% to avoid sudden popping, and pay attention to avoid high temperature, sharp objects and excessive friction.

What's in the box
5 x Blue star balloons
1 x Tape
1 x Stick on Clue dots
1 x Pink Shell Balloon
1 x Purple Shell Balloon
2 x Tail Balloon
10 x Small Blue Balloons
10 x Small Pink Balloons
3 x Small white balloons
15 x Medium blue balloons
15 x Medium Purple balloons
3 x Medium White balloons
10 x Large Blue Balloons
10 x Large Pink Balloons