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Handmade Soap - Shea Butter & Geranium


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Introducing this handmade soap bar packed with lots of goodness & happiness. 

 Shea Butter & Geranium Essential Oil
80g Soapbar 

Geranium Essential Oil
 The flower of consistency - Geranium won this nickname thanks to the ability to lift spirits, balance the mind and bring joy and happiness to your day
 With its antibacterial and soothing anti- inflammatory properties, geranium can really boost skin health
Can help in treatment of acne & dermatitis

Just a few benefits of Shea butter 💫
Excellent moisturizer & suitable for most skin types
Anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe skin & reduce swelling and redness
Can assist with healing of wounds and some skin conditions, including eczema & dermatitis
Makes the skin softer & smoother