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Handmade Soap - Glycerine & Peppermint


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Introducing this handmade soap that is known for a refreshing & moisturising treat for your skin

Peppermint Glycerine Soap

80g Soapbar 

Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint has antiseptic & antibacterial properties that allows it to naturally cleanse the skin. It is soothing & helps reduce inflammation and irration of skin - Eczema, Sunburn & itchy conditions.
Assists with sore muscles, headaches & nausea🌿

Just a few benefits of Glycerine Soap
Glycerine helps lock in the skin's natural moisture and prevents over-drying. It is a wonderful moisturiser that works perfectly for dry & oily skin. Glycerine is a wonderful help for those with sensitive skin